What does it look like to be a member of WIB?

Building Your Network

WIB often utilizes professional development meetings to bring in recruiters and other representatives from notable companies as source for valuable information and networking opportunities. 

WIB also gives members a space to network amongst themselves to build relationships that can be valuable beyond a college career.

Meaningful Relationships

Build meaningful connections that go beyond a club. WIB fosters lasting friendships amongst a network of likeminded, high achieving business majors.

Embracing Diversity

Above members present our "diversity flowers" from a DE&I meeting where members were able to explore and celebrate their unique differences and similarities. 

WIB truly values de&I and focuses on creating an organization that encourages growth and knowledge around prominent issues our members may face in the workplace.

Developing Your Skills

WIB strives to create value for our members. frequent professional development meetings allow members to learn and apply skills that can be utilized within their college and future careers. 

Membership Requirements

Point System

WIB offers a wide variety of events throughout the year that work to improve the skills, experience, and connections of our members. 

Our members are required to gain the following points each semester to maintain full membership:

WIB Wednesday

Attend an event that benefits your professional development (executive forums, career fairs, networking with alumni, etc.)

Required: 4

Offered: 5

Professional Development

Attend WIB events that enhance your professional development and offer opportunities to connect with industry partners.

Required: 5

Offered: 10

Membership Event

Deepen your connections with fellow WIB members with fun membership events like PowerPoint Nights, Wardrobe Swaps, and Headshot Night.

Required: 2

Offered: 4

Leadership Opportunities 

WIB supports and encourages the development of leadership skills through opportunities to lead our organization through President, Vice President, and Director positions. 

New opportunities to fill these positions opens every year and serves as a great way to deepen your involvement with WIB, grow your network, and develop your professional skills.