How do I join WIB?

Applications are open at the beginning of each semester. Follow the instructions on the recruiting page or contact us for more information.

When is the next open recruitment?

Recruitment will begin in January 2024 for the Spring semester

Current Members

How do I pay my club dues?

Sign unto TooCool Purdue with your Purdue information.

Search for "Women In Business" in organizations.

Add to card and proceed to payment.

Visit our instagram @wibpurdue for a video walk through!

How can I find meeting updates and information?

All meeting notifications and updates can be found via the "Flare" app

This is also how you will check into meetings.

How does the point system work?

Our members are required to attend the following events each semester to maintain full membership:

4 WIB Wednesday Meetings (out of 5)

5 Professional Development Meetings (out of 10)

2 Membership Meetings (out of 4)

See more details on our Membership page.


Is attending conference required?

Yes, all WIB members are required to attend Conference to maintain full membership

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